Wakanda Forever: Reading About Real African Kingdoms

Wakanda forever!!!! Let me just dive right in and say the movie was magnificent. Now, you may have some children asking you if Wakanda was real. You can tell them yes! Well partially. Once upon a time Africans were leaders of the most advanced nations on the planet. Does Mansa Musa ring a bell? What about the Kingdom of Kush? Unfortunately, it took me going to college to learn about many of these kingdoms. Detailed African history should be part of the black history month curriculum in schools.

Our children have to be taught more than Africans being captured and taken on slave ships, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King. The entire picture is necessary for complete self awareness. I believe seeds of inferiority are planted early on simply from not painting the whole picture for kids and not instilling pride for African heritage. I’ve started collecting a list of books that I plan to buy for my household that include descriptions of African Kingdoms and Leaders. As I find more books I’ll add them to the list. I had to share them with you today after seeing my new favorite movie! You all can click the pictures to purchase. Or even look them up at your local library.

Centuries of Greatness: The West African Kingdoms 750-1900

West African Kingdoms: Empires of Gold and Trade

African Kingdoms of the Past: The Guinea Coast

African Kingdoms of the Past: West Central Africa

Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile

The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhay

African Kingdoms: An Encyclopedia of Empires and Civilizations