LaToya Edwards is an Author and Owner of Every Little Book Press LLC. She is dedicated to adding diversity in literature by not only making her voice heard, but also sharing the work of other minority authors through her blog: Every Little Book. She started blogging about children’s books after she began discovering so many books for her own children.  She naturally wanted to share them. To her surprise, most of the mainstream books featuring black and brown characters were not written by black and brown authors. She is looking to change that. She wants to make sure there is diversity in publishing and children’s literature across the board. There is no shortage in talent.

LaToya has always maintained a love for writing. She won contests, wrote short stories and poems for her classes over the years. She is more than excited to buckle down and publish her first book. I Love Me, Naturally. The book was inspired by her little girls who have had to overcome their own hair struggles while attending schools that lack diversity. She wanted to make sure her daughters had constant reminders to love their natural hair. There’s no wishing it was straighter, softer, or longer. Everyone is practicing self love.