Every Little Book will be a valuable resource to help parents uncover the best diverse and non-diverse books for their children.  Books featured will be those I read to my children, or am looking forward to reading to my children.  I also plan to feature books every now and then for the adults in the house. We need to cozy up to a good book every now and then too!

Big K, Little K and DJ; my 12, 6, and 3 year old will be mentioned in my blog. I plan to interview them quite often since they are my audience! I have been reading to my children since their residence was my womb and don’t plan on stopping.  Literacy is a very important subject to me.   Being able to read and seek knowledge is an important tool every child needs.

Contact me

You may contact me via e-mail at: everylittlebookblog@gmail.com

My goals for Every Little Book Blog are:

  • To inspire families to turn off the electronics and read together.
  • To find books the public may or may not know about.         .
  • To uncover exciting information about seasoned authors and new emerging authors.
  • To review my children’s latest books, so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your family.
  • To share books that mom and dad can also enjoy that may be fiction, or related to parenting.
  • To share and discuss various topics related to the family unit.

About me

I’m LaToya and I love reading!  Turning pages is like the best food you’ve ever had.  Bookstores are my favorite places to be.  Some of my best memories come from my mother taking me to Borders Bookstore on a Friday evening right after school and going right to the kids section.  She always let me pick out a book, a pretty notebook and a new pen. On Saturday mornings we would go to one of our large libraries early in the morning and see what was new! I loved it.  And what do you know, my children have grown to love books as well since I have managed to carry on the tradition with them.

I’m a full time mom, wife, employee…all of the above. So yes, finding spare time is rare, I mean is time really spare?  I often need more than 24 hours in my day and get upset when I have to make time for sleep. But I always make time to read to my children.  I try to make time for adult reading but that is every blue moon.  I usually narrow my choices down to the best sellers list, but am looking to make time for independent authors.  So you all are taking the journey with me.

I love finding great books to read and sharing my finds with loved ones.  The genres I most enjoy would be non-fiction, fiction (mysteries) and young adult fiction.

In non-fiction I love to read biographies, personal development, Christian living and parenting books. I am willing to read other topics if the synopsis catches my attention and I have the time.


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