Author Spotlight: Dr. Ashley Denmark

Synopsis: “Olivia’s Doctor Adventures is the perfect book to introduce the field of medicine to your budding doctor! Come journey with Olivia as she teaches children about the various doctors in the medical field in simple, easily understandable language. While reading Olivia’s Doctor Adventures, your child will learn about different doctors.”

I absolutely love books that plant seeds in my little ones minds of what they can be when they grow up. I want my kids to dream big and part of dreaming is being able to envision themselves in various roles and believing it can one day become a reality. Books like Olivia’s Doctor Adventures, feature a beautiful brown girl as the main character, ready to take her patients! This book also mentions the many different types of doctors. Quiz your little reader and see how many they remember by the end of the story! Please keep reading to learn more about the author and her very special helper!

This is your first book. What inspired a physician, to stop and write a children’s book?

This is my first children’s book, I wrote this book to inspire children to learn and become doctors. I believe it is so important for children to see themselves in the books they read.

How did you find the time to write? Tell us about your first writing experience.

The book was inspired by my daughter who would meet at the front door home and ask me about my day when I came home from the hospital. Olivia began writing down the information that I would share with her each day and this is where the idea of the book came from.

You mentioned your daughter helped you write this book. Is she interested in becoming a doctor as well?

Yes, Olivia is interested in becoming a doctor because she wants to save people’s lives like her mother. She plays doctor and does pretend exams on her brother and sister all the time.

What’s the most important takeaway you want children to have from your book?

The most important takeaway is for a child to learn that becoming a doctor is something that they can achieve regardless of where they come from. I want to expose children to the field and hopefully set off a spark of interest in medicine.

Do you have any advice to share with aspiring authors or doctors?

Perseverance is the key to success. Every experience, every challenge can serve as a source of inspiration to others. We all have a story and I consider it a duty to share to blaze a trail for others to follow.

Can we expect more children’s books in the future?

Absolutely, I will be releasing Olivia’s Doctor Adventures Activity Boxes which will include a doctor related project for kids to complete and learn.

The book can be purchased from the author’s site. Also available on Amazon.

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