Review: Princess Hair


“All princesses wear crowns, but underneath their crowns, not all princesses have the same hair.  In fact, while some have curls, other have afros.  From dreadlocks and head wraps, to frohawks and braids, a princess’s hair can come in any texture and style – as special as each princess.  And, no matter the hair underneath her crown, a princess is a princess through and through.  Your young royals will be inspired as they see that princess can come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of beautiful and diverse hairstyles too.”

Worth the purchase?

If you grew up in a black household, chances are you’ve heard that your hair is your crowning glory.  If you grew up in a religious household, you may have even been told about Samson and how he lost his strength when he cut his hair, so don’t cut your hair.  Or were you one of the little girls that used to have long locs until your mom got tired of struggling with your hair and gave you a relaxer?  I have heard it all and seen it all. Luckily, we are in a time where relaxer sales are at an all-time low, and natural hair care products are at a record breaking high.  I mean kinky is life right?  This is wonderful, HOWEVER, my oldest is one of 2 black kids in her class, and I have been fighting against allowing her to wear her hair straight ALL THE TIME.  I really have no issue over a good granny press from time to time (very straight hair, burned with a hot comb using all the grease you can find—I know it sounds wonderful), but I want to make sure my kid still loves what’s naturally growing out of her head.  I believe the book “Princess Hair” not only celebrates natural hair with beautiful imagery and descriptions, but also encourages us to embrace the differences. I think this book is perfect to help little ones start to practice self-love or even cultivate some new styling tips! I love it.

Feedback from the kids

My children gave this book a thumbs up.  My 3 year old has requested to read this book every single night for the past week.  Both my daughters have a good time discussing the different types of hair styles featured in the book.  Little K usually interrupts me as I read but she is totally invested every single time I read this particular story.  Stay tuned guys.  I’ll be sharing more hair books as I find them!

Here is the link to purchase Princess Hair for your beauties! 

Book Details

  • Author: Sharee Miller
  • Genre: Picture Book
  • Book type: Fiction
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Publication date: October 31, 2017
  • Publisher’s recommended age(s): 5 – 6